Anson Maclauchlan and his business partner Marie Bennett began their network marketing career 20 years ago, with a legendary (now 25 year old) international skin care and nutrition company.

At the time they were living on the East Coast of Canada, where Marie had a clothing business, and Anson was a tax broker. Within their first 6 months they set a company wide group volume record.

Within the next 6 months they left the long cold winters of the East Coast behind, and were living full time at the beach in Ventura County, California.

Anson and Marie’s involvement with their second network marketing company began when they got a call from an engineer, and after meeting with the owners of the company, they rolled up their sleeves, jumped into a one year old company and built the top producing team.

It’s important to note that Marie and Anson became the top income earners but did NOT bring an existing team with them, instead they left their original team intact at the first company, so the residual checks continue each and every month. Marie and Anson reworked their “no” list – good old fashioned network marketing 101 – and took advantage of online lead generation to build a second team.

When that company failed the distributor force, Marie and Anson did it again. They built another network, using duplicable online techniques and again became the number one income earners in their third company.

We are experts at isolating, implementing and teaching others, cutting edge, online marketing and lead generation techniques, including methods that are free. Yes, we can teach you how to monetize social media. We can teach you methods that are working right now, and that you can quickly and easily and inexpensively duplicate, in many cases without spending a dime.

Marie and Anson, along with their dogs Jazz and Prada, plus two cats Sam, B.B., and 2 BIG horses – live in a log home on riverside acreage in south central British Columbia, Canada.

Marie Bennett and Anson MacLauchlan

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If you are prepared to do for a year what others won’t,
you can enjoy for the rest of your life what others can’t.