Presentation Basics

So often in the industry of network marketing distributors are intimidated by the prospect of having to present the business.

As a result one of the first things we are taught as new distributors is to use the tools and our upline — but we also know that at some point, to be successful we have to transition and become the upline leader for our team members.

Terrifying? It doesn’t have to be.

Here’s a tip that will help you, in short order learn how to present, and  something that you can duplicate through out your group!

Pay attention as you use three-way calling — you will find that your upline consciously, or unconsciously uses a few basic points.

I bet that no matter what networking company you are involved with that you could keep track of the presentation, the video, the business building Power Point overviews, the webinars and even the business overview brochures with 5 fingers or 5 toes!

What do I mean?

Follow along with your company’s video or presentation and I’ll bet that you find 5 points, and in some order, maybe not this exact order, the presenter covers:

  1. Market trends driving the growth of the company
  2. Products
  3. Company, management team, training tools, support
  4. Leverage, network marketing 101, financial and time freedom = lifestyle
  5. Timing within the company – new – if not why they are hot right now!

Followed by a call to action!

Once you master the points you will be able to present the business in 5 minutes, or spend 5 minutes per point. When you get to the point where you can use your fingers, or quickly scribble out the 5 points on a napkin and do a presentation on the fly on behalf of your distributors – you will be unstoppable!

Until then be sure to use the tools and your upline executive!

Here’s to YOUR success!

Best regards,

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